Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok, Seriously?

So, I just had a vending machine attack. Yes, I know I don’t need chips, and I know my hips don’t need chips, but I had to have chips…


Fell off that wagon.


So I’m looking at the selection and what do I see:

Burger King Ketchup and French Fries Flavored Potato Snacks.


Seriously? A french fry flavored potato chip with faux ketchup? At that point shouldn’t you just go and get the french fries and enjoy the real thing?


Another example of the “flavored food” epidemic our cuisine seems to be going through. Right up there with the Clamato and Lime Flavored Budweiser that I saw in a convenience store on the way back from North Carolina.


In a word… Disgusting. 

1 comment:

JMS said...

Yeah - definite yuck factor going on there!