Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok, I’ve been away from this blog for so long that I’m really at a loss for where to start again. It is sort of like hooking up with an old friend after a long time has passed, how do you cover all that lost time? Now I know you are thinking – “Its only been two months…” I’ve been so busy over those two months that looking back it almost seems more like a year. So I’ll give you the quick recap and then hopefully I’ll have the time to go back and actually write out some of the more interesting moments.

May brought the end of the semester and the end of the three class teaching load. Of course that meant giant piles of exams, papers and labs to crank through. I also taught a May semester summer course. (Out of the frying pan and into the fire). All the time I’ve been worried about not having gotten a job for the fall and wondering how I was going to survive and whether I would have to give up on archaeology after 8 years of postgraduate education.

I had to decide whether I could somehow manage to do a field season in Kenya while unemployed. If I didn’t go I would be shooting myself in the proverbial foot (missing a great career opportunity). If I go, the financial situation could get more then a little dicey. I had to take a total leap of faith and decided to go. Two days before leaving for Kenya I received tentative news that I would in fact have a PostDoc for the fall. So I hopped a plane for the Dark Continent with a relatively clear conscience. I got there ok, of course my baggage did not…

Spent five weeks in mortal combat with two recalcitrant Land Cruisers and dodging hippos while trying to get some serious work done. More on that later. The day before leaving the field I got killer food poisoning. Hooray for Cipro. Made it home safe, with all my stuff. Sweet.

Now I’m excavating up at the Mashantucket Pequot reservation for the remainder of the summer. For the first days, I hurt in places I didn’t even realize had muscles, but I’m getting better now. Soon I’ll add my running regimen back in, and hopefully I’ll survive that.

So, that’s the last two months in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to fill in the gaps along the way (between shovelfuls of dirt).