Friday, November 23, 2007

What I'm thankful for

  1. After a tough year and two heart attacks, I still have my father.
  2. My husband. I can say that now, we had a wonderful wedding surrounded by family and our most dear friends.
  3. All of the people who sat around my thanksgiving table yesterday, for they are just as much my family as my Mom and Dad are.
  4. I finally graduated from school.
  5. I actually have some job interviews.

    Those are my top 5, there are many more: my cats, my house (despite how much I bitch about my neighborhood sometimes) and countless others. I like thanksgiving, not only for the food fest that ensues, but because it reminds me to keep my perspective. I need to remember to step back from all the things I stress out about on a daily basis and remember that all in all my life is good. There are those who face more insurmountable problems on a daily basis – like trying to simply stay alive. For all these I have every reason to be thankful.