Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drowning in a Sea of Paper

I’ve been busily trying to turn out all the laboratory exercises for my osteo class next fall. This leads me to two observations. (1) I really need a scanner and (2) It seems that whenever I get involved in a project (of an academic nature) it is quite obvious to the casual observer, i.e. my office really suffers. Of course I have one of those twisty office chairs at my desk, and currently it is completely surrounded on all three sides with a hemisphere of paper and book, which I have to clamber over in order to go get a drink of water or whatever else may draw me away from the desk. Yesterday, between the cat and all of my papers there wasn’t a inch of my desk top visible. This is quite a feat since I have an enormous desk.

Of course ever present in the middle of whatever it is I am trying to read is Mouse. I count my blessings when she isn’t on the keyboard or standing on the sliver of desk between me and the keyboard because she is pissed that I am paying more attention to work then to her.

I got a jury duty summons the other day.

“Dangit, didn’t I just do this?”

I found my juror certificate, and of course, it was three years ago almost to the day. I swear I’ve been called to jury duty more over the last 15 years than anyone else I know. WTF? Of course the appearance was also scheduled for the exact day and time I’m supposed to be in RI teaching. Sigh.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another great way to waste time...

Simpson Me...

and at the Quick-E-Mart...

Simpsonize yourself

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Worth every second...

Dan told me I should read this...

A Street Sweeper's Tale

Make sure you can contain yourself if you are at work, it will make you howl out loud with laughter. Such a great read and worth every second...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Work Sucks!

Well, it raining, and its cold, and I’ve been sitting in front of this computer trying to figure out how I am going to teach this class all day. Suckage. Can I please rewind just a few days and go back to the fun, sun and glorious beaches of the Vineyard? Vacation is wonderful, facing reality when you come back is a serious drag.

I think I’ll take a moment to relay a few memorable moments of the trip (think blooper reel):

We were walking on an incredibly crowded corner near the Black Dog Wharf and a family: mom, dad and kids were passing us on the edge of the sidewalk walking their bikes. One of the younger boys had one of those half a bike things attached to the back of his father’s bicycle. Well, the kid totally wasn’t looking where he was going. Just holding onto the handlebars and watching his feet as he scurried along behind Dad. Too bad for him he failed to notice the signpost and walked into it full force right in the face, landing in a heap on the sidewalk. Amazingly he didn’t cry, I think he was too confused about how he ended up sitting on the road… It was all I could do to control myself until his parents got far enough away for us both to bust out laughing.

We went to Gay Head, which are the majestic costal cliffs on the west shore of the island. After admiring them from above we set out for the long walk to the beach. Once we reached the beach we walked for awhile towards the cliffs to try and dodge the most crowded and kid infested parts of the beach. We reached as nice area closer to the cliffs and settled down. Dan dove right into his book, but as usual I decided to sit up for awhile and look around. Suddenly I realized “Oh my God, that dude is buck ass naked!” wait “so is that dude, and that dude and oh, honey you really shouldn’t be naked!” Yep we found the nudie beach! Oops. The hotel clerk told us there was one but we didn’t know exactly where it was. The most amusing part of the whole experience after the initial humorous realization was watching the families with kids stroll down the beach to look at the cliffs (possibly one of the biggest tourist draws and most scenic spots on the entire island) and suddenly realize that they have unwittingly brought their kids to a nudie beach. I thought it was a rather odd choice of a place for a naked beach, or perhaps it is the local’s ironic way of getting some small revenge on all those pesky tourists that invade in the summer…

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I had to share

Ok, most of you aren't going to know my friend Sean, this post is in homage to him and a recent experience of his.

Read this: Never underestimate the enemy

You have got to read this it is so worth it. All I can say is there are two morals to this story:
1. Young people need to learn respect for thier elders
2. Truth is always stranger then fiction

I only wish I could have been there... perhaps with a video camera.