Friday, June 29, 2007

The Eyes Have It

Dan: I'm haveing trouble with my eyes...

Me: What's wrong? Did you take your contacts out?

Dan: No, I just can't see myself getting up for another beer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

dumb and dumber

CNN quoted Paris Hilton yesterday as saying “I’ll no longer act dumb.”

Click to Arrrggghhh:

Two things, no make that three:
1. Oh My God! You mean she was just acting all this time?

2. This is headline news? Isn't there a war or something going on?

3. When was dumb ever cute?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The small vs. the chubby

So I couldn’t figure out why my resident blue jay (the one that like to mock the cat) was being so loud and annoying. He was continuously cawing at top lung power and he had been keeping it up for about 30 min. I was finally getting annoyed, it felt like his call was rattling around in my brain. Finally I decided to get up and have a look around.

I noticed something sleeping in the large tree behind the house that was definitely NOT a cat. The jay was decidedly upset about this. He was dancing around the sleeping critter and literally yelling at it. He started dive bombing the poor thing who was obviously trying to sleep (unsuccessfully). It turned out to be a very large, chubby raccoon. The poor thing must have been nearly deafened but he wasn’t moving except for his ears which would bounce back in dismay each time the jay cawed. Finally he seem to get fed up and chagrined began to climb down the tree trunk. This didn’t seem to satisfy the jay who followed him down the tree, and chased him still cawing across the yard. Talk about ballsy if that coon was more motivated – he would have been an easy lunch. I guess it just goes to show even if you are small if you are TOTALLY annoying you can drive just about anything away.

I wish my digital camera had sound because it was a total riot. If you watch it just know that every time the ears bounce the jay is sounding off…

Racoon vs. Jay

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