Monday, May 21, 2007


Well this morning started in typical Cara disaster fashion. Just as Dan was leaving the house I passed the water cooler. That’s when I noticed a pool of water on the floor. I lifted up the corner of the carpet and yes all underneath the carpet was wet (mostly unfinished) wood floor. Aaaarrrggghhh. Mad dash for the door – try to catch Dan… Nope, too late. So I managed to drag the carpet outside into the sun. The carpet is about 5 x 7 feet and almost the entire thing was soaked. The 5 gallon bottle Dan put on the cooler just yesterday is almost empty. Seems the hot water heater inside went batty, and boiled it all out. Water was coming out the vents and seams on the side, and the whole bottle of water on the top of the cooler was hot. I figured it was going to be really hard to take the water bottle off without spilling everywhere, but there was so little left in it that it really wasn’t a problem. Of course the truly amusing part was if anyone could see me as I tried to hump the cooler, full of water across the house and out the front door. I am now soaked and there is a wonderful trail of water – all the way across the house. What is it with me an appliances? What am I the anti-appliance? They always crap out on me.

Seems I have been rather lax about keeping my blog. I finally turned my dissertation in to the graduate school at 4:30 on the day before graduation. I felt really funny, like it wasn’t actually possible that it could really be over. I was in a daze for the rest of the afternoon. The next day was graduation, and let it be said that with me, nothing is ever without catastrophe. I managed to rear end someone on the way to graduation. Way to go. I got totally bent out of shape, I thought I had completely totaled my car, and I was going to miss my own graduation. Luckily the officer that came to the scene was truly kind. My parents picked us up and we left the car till after graduation to arrange a tow. I ran in the door of Gampel pavilion, ran across the open floor, jumped into my seat, and graduation started. Made it totally by the skin of my teeth! (Dan was actually able to fix my car, thank god!).

Within the next few days I submitted my first paper for publication. Now I can only wait and bite my nails and hope that it is accepted. Spent last week teaching the forensic osteology short course, and now I am preparing to teach my summer session course. My bridal shower was last weekend. It was really nice to see all my friends who I haven’t run into in a really long time. Since graduation and the publication are in, wedding planning has commenced, I must say at a rather frantic pace – it is only one month away. What can I say, I guess I’m not happy if things are going at some sort of normal rather then frenetic pace (I need to learn to stop doing that to myself). Now, if I could just find a job for the fall and avoid any more exploding appliances – I’ll be all set.