Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Unusually Exuberant

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of bad that I haven’t posted much to the blog. But frankly, I wouldn’t want to bore you to tears.

Finally I have something to report… I have revised four more chapters of my thesis and sent them off to those who need to digest them. This means only my conclusion chapter needs to still go through major revisions!!! All that time at my desk is paying off and I am actually getting somewhere! As my Father always says “The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer the oncoming train.”

My defense is set for April 12th and it looks like I’ll actually make the deadline.

Other than that life is pretty much the same ol’ thing. Except I took Saturday night off for a much need date with good friends and a bottle of wine :o) Even at parties you can learn something new: Did you know if you cut a grape in half and put it in the microwave for a few seconds with a glass over it - it will glow. Forget glow it will freakin catch on fire. Someone explain that one to me? What the hell is in a grape other then water? Especially that causes flames? We eat these…

Friday, February 09, 2007

Three Wishes

Life is boring, I never leave my office. So if I’m going to update this thing, you are going to have to satisfied with the abstract.

You are probably wondering where this particular rambling came from. I am currently reading Imperium by Robert Harris (author also of Fatherland & Pompeii). It is the story of one of the great orators of ancient Rome, Cicero. As I started to doze off though I reverted to one of my oldest daydreams (or night dreams in this case), if I had three wishes… Unfortunately, I don’t think I would be charitable enough to ask for world peace. Rather, they would be:

1. The Gift of Language: to be able to understand and speak all languages – you know the equivalent of having a Babel Fish in your ear (towel optional).

2. Gift of Time Travel: (Tardis please…): What did Homo erectus really look like? Ancient Egypt? Pompeii? The Coliseum?

3. Finally, invisibility. Not that I want to sneak around on anyone here, but If you are going to travel in time, the 21st century women might find a bit of trouble not sticking out like a sore thumb in 3000 B.C. not to mention become lunch for some overly aggressive leopard on the African savanna.

Of course all of these things are categorically impossible, but that’s the whole reason I became an archaeologist in the first place.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Blonde Moment

So yesterday my day got off to a stellar start. Dan forgot his lunch so I figured I would drop it off for him on the way home from the library. Got home and had to disconnect my ipod from the car stereo. Forgot I set my keys on the seat and got out locking the door manually. Keys in car – door locked BAD combo.

Dan had to come home after just to let me in the house and of course the second key to the car has been lost for about 2 + years. So, I had to call AAA to come out to the house and jimmy the lock to get my keys out… Not one of my brighter moments. I shouldn’t complain at least was 30 degrees out today and no -8… Perhaps I’ll just stay home today and attempt to avert disaster.