Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tidbit ‘O the Day

Did you ever want to blend up a box of atomic fireballs, or perhaps some marbles, or bottle of beer into a nice smoothie… if so you should check out:

I want one of these things! Too bad they have a hefty price tag…$400

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I must be getting old

Ok, I must be getting old because phone etiquette is changing in just incomprehensible ways. When did it become ok to talk on you cell phone when you are in a public bathroom and toilets are flushing everywhere? That is just gross. I would be totally mortified if the person I was talking to figured out I was on the toilet – and frankly its not that hard to figure out!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Athletics goes to new levels

Welcome to the annual Rock Paper Scissors World Championship! (
“Serving the needs of decisions makers since 1918.”

Honestly I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry?

My only other commentary for the season… Why the hell are stores already putting up the Christmas decorations? Can’t we just take one holiday at a time? Please? Watching the commercialism get worse and worse every season is starting to take the warm fuzzies out of the whole thing. Right about now I really want to enjoy a nice Christmas season (when it actually gets here)! Anything would be better then last year, in Africa, alone in my tent with a horrific case of food poisoning.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Long time no blog

It’s been awhile, but this weekend I actually emerged from my office long enough to see the sun! Fancy that. Hopefully now that I've changed the address people are still reading this.

Thursday night we piled in the Jeep and took off for North Carolina. We drove through the night but it wasn’t too bad because we traded sleeping and driving about every two hours. I was happy when I was woken up for breakfast and it turned out we were in a Bojangles parking lot. Woo Hoo!! Cajun chicken and biscuits with sweet tea. Good thing I don’t actually live within driving distance of one these restaurants or the magically expanding waistline would go into overdrive.

Saturday we went to the Goodguys Show in Charlotte. Luckily the weather changed and it was a gorgeous warm day. I love North Carolina, there are still all your seasons but fall comes much later and winter checks out early. Spent all day checking out hotrods, the show was absolutely huge! We were there all day and didn’t remotely see everything. My favorite car and truck were hard to narrow down but here they are.

Sunday Dan went back to the car show, but not me. I went to the National Balloon Rally. Pretty cool stuff. We spent most of the day wandering about eating fattening food and putting the boys (nephews) on various rides. We (me and the boys) got our picture taken in a Cobra helicopter. I mentioned that I always wanted to learn to fly one of those things and the army officer replied “We always need more pilots…” how very recruiter of you. Becky cracked me up, “No way, she’s marrying my son!” We had some time to kill before the balloons were going to get set up. We spied a bunch of kids flying tiny kites, and got two of them and taught the boys to fly them. I forgot how much fun it is to fly a kite when there aren’t any trees around to eat it Charlie Brown Style.

There was supposed to be about 50 balloons taking off in the evening, but it was really windy that day so most of the ballooners didn’t even try to take off. That was kind of disappointing; it would have made quite a spectacle. But a few brave souls took on the wind and took off. All in all about 5 or 6 made it off the ground, but they really had to fight for it! All in all it was still really fun.

We had to face the long drive back Monday morning after stocking up on goodies only available in the south (not to mention two containers of Dan’s sisters brownies). Thanks Brandy! (Now he’ll leave me alone about the brownies for at least a week.) We picked a random Red Robin restaurant off the highway to eat dinner and the place was packed with little girls all wearing cheetah print??? While standing in a huge line at the restroom I finally had to ask what the hell was going on. “We are going to the Cheetah Girls concert.” Ok, a few minutes of silence, then the mid-aged women with no children had to ask, “What the heck are the Cheetah Girls?” Ah, another Disney Channel phenomenon. Ugh. One of the mothers quipped that for what she had paid for the tickets she ought to be seeing some one famous – I wish I had a camera for the horrified look she got from her daughter. Priceless.