Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately. What helps us make friends? To keep one? To drift away? What qualifies our closeness? Is it the length of time you’ve known someone? Or what you are willing to share? Can you gain back old friends? All of these questions… I guess there really aren’t answers. I’ve just been pondering lately. Heard this little report today and it’s totally worth listening to:

The Two-Year Rule for Golden Friends

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

From gators to otters… What?

“I started punching the otter in the face, which I felt really bad about because it’s cute… but it was killing my dog.”
- Leah Vanon, who rescued her Labrador retriever, Jasmine, from an otter that came ashore and dragged the dog into the water in west Boca Raton, Fla. (as quoted in Newsweek)

You know it’s little tidbits like that one that will make me miss my subscription to Newsweek when it runs out.

Insomnia strikes again, up at 4:30 this morining. My neighborhood is nice and quiet at that time, it s a good time to work, so one more chapter finished three to go…

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nothing can ruin your day faster than an insurance company

There are a lot of hassles in this life that pass under the bridge only managing to minorly ruffle my feathers, and then there is insurance… We actually pay these people to deny us and make us miserable…

I’ve been a horrible insomniac all my life. And, well, not sleeping makes you a not so nice person. I’ve always resisted the idea of prescription drugs as I’ve been afraid to become addicted (easily) to sleep agents and because of all their nasty side effects such as sleep eating, and sleep driving…

I finally broke down, got a real doctor, had a physical and got samples of a non-addictive sleep medication one that works to more naturally regulate sleep cycles without just knocking you out with barbituates. Amazingly for the first time I’ve actually slept for consecutive nights in a row, and woke up without feeling like the drug had knocked me into a total stupor. I can’t even begin to articulate the toll insomnia can take on you and your productivity. So, you can imagine how I felt when I was informed my insurance won’t pay for this drug. I’m expected to pay $95.00 a month to sleep, or take another type of drug, one that just knocks you out, makes you sleepwalk and totally unproductive the next day cause you can’t wake up. So it’s either sleep not or sleep always. Great choices.

So, now I am typing this, trying with difficulty to reign in my temper while I wait for days to see if the doctor’s office can fix this mess. It just goes to show that for every good thing that happens: fun camping trips, getting productive work done, finding the perfect wedding dress – something equally shitty will happen: Truck broken (at least not on the camping trip), Saturn not so good, Insurance people suck... I often wonder “What’s next?” I guess the key to happiness is not letting the crappy moments totally overshadow the good times.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Friendly Chipmunks and Freezing Weather

There is really nothing better then a three day weekend, that is until Monday rolls around. To celebrate Dan’s 30th birthday and my friend Kelli’s birthday, we took off for a weekend of camping in the White Mountains. Because little Miss Last Minute (meaning me) was planning this little getaway only a few days before departure we ended up in a family campground. It was really nice, just really congested. I’m more accustomed to the kind of camping where there is No. One. There. We aren’t totally loud people, but it’s a pain to pay attention to “quiet hours.”

Our first morning we were visited by an extremely friendly and brave little chipmunk, who definitely likes bagel. After some crumbs to whet his appetite he actually started taking them out of my hand.

We went to the Flume (Franconia Notch, NH) in the afternoon. There you walk though a very tight notch through which a river runs, in the late fall they have to take the walkways out to accommodate the massive rush of water in the spring. I visited there with my parents as a child and I was curious to see if it was as impressive as the lingering childhood impressions I amazingly retained (I can’t remember a lot!). I remembered the water being a lot more ferocious, and the walks being a lot higher up, but I think that might have a lot to do with scale, I’m not 3 feet tall anymore ;o) It is really beautiful up there, it was so nice to get away. Of course the other view was three “ladies” who had definitely been men in a previous decade.

We actually managed to go through 2 loads of firewood in as many evenings, primarily because Sean and Dan stayed up all night till they burned through it all (pyros). I knew it would be considerably cooler up there, especially after fleeing a horrendous heat wave in CT, but it got seriously cold up there on our second night. I was freezing, the next morning I asked the office what the temperature got down to - 39°! No Wonder!

I can’t wait to go camping again, I’m already trying to pick a new location, South.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Recent exploits

Well the blogger is still being squirley about posting photos, so you'll just have to wait for them later and an update on this past weekend...

So, Its been a long while since I’ve updated this thing. Guess I’m slipping a little bit. But I’ll try and use my usual generic excuse that I’ve been really busy. Doing what? You might ask. Well I officially finished another chapter of my thesis and handed it in! Woo Hoo!!!! That made time for a weekend of car shows.

The guys from the shop took the Swift VW to the Funkmaster Flex car show in Hartford on Saturday. We checked that out in the afternoon. There were some good cars, but the music was pretty unbearable. However the car did win best VW!! Rockin. Matt found new “models” from the Gold Club to help promote the shop

The next day was the Swift car show at the speed bowl. That meant getting up at 6 am on the weekend, not something I prefer but I got over it. Laci and I helped with registration and then wandered around all day. Here are a few pics of the car (and trophy).

Spent the next day recuperating from the weekend. We went to see Clerks II and I have to say that has been the highlight of my last two weeks! That movie rocks, I think I need to go again.

The rest of the week passed in a blur of errands and rather failed attempts at drafting the figures for my next chapter. Friday morning I was up early and heading to Rochester NY for A &T’s wedding. Of course we lit it up a bit on Friday night. We decided to check out the night life and ended up at Daisy Dukes, who’s claim to fame (other then being a country western bar in Rochester) was a mechanical bull. And yes, for the record I did ride it and I have the tee shirt to prove it, and unfortunately the video that T took… It was really a hysterical thing to watch. If you were a pretty girl, and scantily clad, the guy controlling the bull took it real easy. If you were dumb enough to do it in a skirt he would toss you off so your skirt was sure to go over your head. Finally if you were a guy, he sent you flying into the wall ASAP. Poor M had to go to the chiropractor in the morning before the wedding. At least the groom didn’t get messed up too bad. We all had bruises and scrapes!

The wedding was of course gorgeous and they had a rockin band. We danced till late and then had a nightcap in the hotel bar before finally falling asleep. By the time we got home I was so exhausted I could barely move, of course that meant it’s time for a heat wave… So now I’m back in the office, melting. The weather forecast calls for 100 degrees today with a heat index making it feel like 110. Yippee, it’s like I’m back in Africa except with about 100% humidity.