Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Still wilting… its 97° in the shade and my house is an oven. I may actually cave in and go to school to work tomorrow where I can find some AC. I don’t usually like AC but the heat has gotten bad enough to inspire the stupids. I ended up closing the file for my current chapter this morning without saving my changes. So much for a mornings worth of work! I think I’m going to give up and go outside. Dan’s washing his car, which means he’s guaranteed to try and hit me with the hose. Bring it on!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Momma Said Knock You Out!

This is such a classic photo, I think it should be preserved for posterity. Ok, so not only is Bush making a totally unflattering face in this picture, but leave it to the New York Times to put it on the front page of their online edition! But the question I really have… Is Blair really just talking to him, looks to me like he’s finally ready to knock him out!!! Funny stuff, diplomacy is. (Yes that was a Yoda grammatical moment and I’m not changing it!).

I just have to say I’m really lovin my 2nd story, landlocked office not that the temperature is supposed to hit 105° today. Mouse it totally knocked out from the heat, but heaven forbid she should take up a little less space on the desk. All my stuff (and me) are crammed in a corner. Speaking of knocked out, Dan is finally sleeping after his marathon week getting the Swift VW ready for Waterfest. The last time he was home, and had more then a short nap was Wednesday! Either he thrives on that kind of situation or he’s an alien! He had air conditioning in there so, my guess is he'll probably sleep till about 4 pm... any bets?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

These four walls

Its seems all my social time is compacted into the weekends now. Friday was the Swift Motersports car show at Sailfest. Man was I glad we went on Friday and not the next day, when an 89 old man freaked out and drove through the crowed hitting 27 people right in front of the Swift booth! Eeek!

Of course the Ortiz – Shamrock fight seemed like a letdown after all the hype. Shamrock was down in just a minute and a half – I was hoping it would last longer. Anyone who talks that much shit shouldn’t have got off that easy!

I know my blog hasn’t been that interesting lately, but it’s hard to observe and photograph amusing things to post when you never leave the house! I guess I shouldn’t complain, I’m actually getting a lot of writing done, so you’ll just have to wait for more interesting stuff until I’m liberated from my office!

Of course my neighborhood is still a source of amusement – or annoyance depending on the moment. There are at least two major construction projects going on behind my house. It was interesting when the roofing project began. The guys were throwing large heavy objects off the roof (3 floors up!) and into the dumpster, and every time they did it a thunderous clap of sound resulted. Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m a bit highstrung, you might even say jumpy. Well I’m glad they are done stripping the roof because lost as I was in concentration, every time they tossed something off that roof I jumped a foot. Heart failure here I come… Yesterday took the cake. They usually listen to the Wolf, a classic rock station. One of the guys likes to sing along but yesterday they were experiencing some technical difficulties and the radio cut out in the middle of “Roxaaane….” and the resulting construction worker falsetto finishing the song on his own was absolutely hysterical. Amusing from the burly construction worker point of view, he chooses to sing only the really warbly parts of the songs, like the “whoa – oh – oh – a” part of “With or Without You” by U2 this morning.

Just to return to an old topic. I just want to know how it is that the constructions workers can listen to the Wolf crystal clear, less then 100 m from my window, but can I listen to it? That would be a no… And, it’s not because my stereo sucks, I think I’m just the anti-radio repelling the good radio waves with my mere presence.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Ah the joys of summer

Today we actually woke up in the presence of the sun. I was beginning to wonder if we needed to start building the proverbial ark. Forecast for today, sunny and 85! I’ll take it! Except I have to go up to the University – I’d much rather go to the beach.

Recent adventure include: I attempted to drive to my friend Meghan’s house for a pre-4th of July shindig. On the way I managed to get caught in a freak storm, the rain wind and lightening was the worst I’ve ever been caught it. Had to get off the road and wait it out while having a complete panic attack because I realized I’d left the window behind my desk open. If a storm like this hit home… kiss the laptop goodbye. This is just the sort of time when you realize that you are far, far too attached to you computer, and the consequence of loosing could be earth shattering. (bye, bye dissertation!) Not that I’m not smart enough to have it backed up elsewhere, but that whole day’s work wasn’t backed up. I used to tease my fellow student about his paranoia regarding this sort of thing, now I must admit I’m eating crow! I finally managed to get Dan on the phone and persuaded him to leave work and go home and close the windows. He had fun informing me that it never even rained in Norwich and he apparently thought I was nuts. Touché!

I actually spent most of the actual holiday at work at my desk. I finally knocked off mid-afternoon and to go over to mom’s and hit the beach. Except that little storm cloud keeps following me around. The weak sun we had in the morning vaporized and the rain rolled in. Good thing we had the top down on the Jeep…

On a good note, between dodging the storms, holiday obligations and wedding shower gift preparation I have finally managed to get another chapter in my thesis finished. Phew, only five more to go…

Monday, July 03, 2006