Thursday, June 29, 2006

How to know your library book hasn’t been checked out in a really long time… like decades

So I ventured into the sub-basement of the library yesterday to fish out an old archaeology text. When I got to the check out desk I figured I might encounter some difficulties. Yep, the electronic scanner thingy wouldn’t pick it up. It hadn’t been checked out in so long that it was actually several decades behind the technological times. Look what I found in the front cover… (Dad you should recognize this…)

Monday, June 26, 2006

Buying Peace of Mind

Today Warren Buffett signed away 31 Billion dollars of his 44 Billion dollar fortune to charity. Yes, that is Billion with a B. While listening to the story on NPR I had just a few thoughts…

He said in essence, that money made from society should be returned to society.

When asked what his kids thought about his giving away all their inheritance he said didn’t believe in inherited dynastic wealth, and he believed they needed to make their own fortunes not be given them.

Both of these are great sentiments in my book, but I’d be more then happy to inherit over TEN billion dollars – I think there is still some dynasty there… they don’t have to start with my checking account balance.

Finally, it was said that Mr. Buffett had arranged his life so he didn’t have to sit in boring meetings and didn’t spend ANY time with people he didn’t like or didn’t want to talk to.

Ok, number three is what really got me. Can you imagine life without having to call the phone company to get the mistake on your bill fixed? To never have to deal with an automated menu on a company’s customer service line or the CSA who doesn’t speak English? To not have to be bothered making a trillion, unhelpful if not tearful phone calls to the university when they withheld too much tax just to be told I absolutely can’t have that money till next year? To not have to listen to the neighbors screaming at each other while you are trying to concentrate?

The list goes on, and on, and on as you can imagine. That one sentence, uttered so unconsciously struck me nearly dumb. For a few silent minutes I imagined my life with all of those things gone… They say money doesn’t buy you happiness, and I firmly do believe that, I’m a pretty well grounded person and I like to think I know what is important in life. But today I learned what money does buy you… its sanity.

Friday, June 23, 2006


The most amusing thing to happen over the last few days took place last night. Well Daniel might not have found it quite so amusing.

My cats are usually pretty good, they are both chow hounds but usually remain out of trouble in the kitchen, except if fish or shrimp are involved.

I’ve just begun cooking fish more often, and apparently Mouse has become aware of this. So last night I leisurely ate my dinner in front of the tube and she sat with her nose about two inches from the plate at rapt attention the whole time. Now I’m not a miser here – I did give her some. However I didn’t notice her disappear after I finished and sat back to watch the remaining half an hour of my program before cleaning up.

I had innocently left Daniel’s plate in its usual spot on the kitchen counter awaiting his return. Now normally they don’t do anything bad, but much to my dismay when I went to clean up there was only about a 2 inch square piece of fish remaining on the plate (the alfredo noodles with artichoke hearts were totally untouched). I’ve definitely learned my lesson – don’t trust them around the broiled sea creatures!

Poor Dan, he came around 10 pm hungry only to find the cat ate his dinner…. Poor guy ended up with a bowl of cereal. But Simba got the remaining bit of fish (happy cat!)

He is hysterical for some of the positions he get in to sleep. He is totally enamored with cushy blue pillows we have on the couch. They are filled with tiny synthetic pellets and feel really neat (wow, nice adjective). Dan caught this pose recently…

Class Dismissed

I guess it’s time that I updated. I wish I could say I’d been on vacation, or some other fun reason for not updating but alas that would not be the case. But I am happy to report that I survived teaching the summer class and actually managed to get all their papers and exams graded and I even posted their grades. My motivation you ask? Being able to say I’m really finished and not having to spend a chunk of a well deserved weekend grading. We are supposed to go see the Blue Angels at the airshow.

I often feel like this part of CT is stuck in radio purgatory. I grew up listening to WBRU which I love, and which absolutely will not come in here. Then there was a few months of excitement when a Boston alt rock station (WFNX) broadcasted locally until I woke up one morning to sports talk radio. Let me repeat that THAT CRAP SUCKS!!!! Leaving essentially the oldies station from the casino which might be nice except that it really doesn’t come in either, odd since I can actually see the casino from my house, and the jammin’ hip hop station (I don’t think so). Recently I bought a cord to connect my computer to my stereo out of desperation to listen to my itunes, but today I finally had a revelation… yeah I know I’m slow. Both my favorite stations are streaming online! Sweet! So, now as long as I’m near a computer I can listen, I’m a total music junkie. Of course this doesn’t help in the car, but I guess you can’t have everything.

However, as I’ve been listening and writing the weather report may mean a weekend inside not enjoying all the things I meant to by getting all my grading done :o(

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Murphy’s Law 101

Following the beaver incident I’ve started to carry the camera around a lot more. Consequently absolutely freakin nothing of any interest what-so-ever has happened!! Of course. So folks nothing new to report…

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Cat Will Beat Up Your Bear...

Ok, this is WAY cooler then anything I'm likely to observe today, so I just have to share. From via my friend Floyd...

"This week might not have been the best week for small dogs but fat felines should certainly be proud of their kind. Why? Well look at that picture above. That's Jack the cat protecting his owners yard in West Milford, New Jersey from a visiting black bear.
When the bear first came into the yard Jack went after him and scared him up a tree. After fifteen minutes the bear finally got the balls to come back down, only to be chased up another tree minutes later. Finally, worried for the safety of their 15-pound-pussy Jack's owners called him back into the house and the bear went away. Not exactly New York news, but still, how cool is that cat? "'

Friday, June 09, 2006

Heh heh heh, you said beaver…

I managed to catch a horrible cold, lost my voice and everything. So I had to cancel class yesterday and I’ve been moping around the house for several days. I made it up to school today to teach and I was walking back to my car after making it through 2.5 hours of class (and thankful it was over) when I gave a start… Was that a beaver? or the biggest woodchuck on the planet? What? Where? In the middle of campus?

Yep, yes it was. So I stopped for a few minutes and was watching the big guy chew on a handy wooden post that was there to tag some sort of fancy ornamental tree. Then I looked left and this really eager beaver (Yes! How often do you get to say that for real?) was waddling readily towards the roach coach. It totally didn’t care that there were a few people waiting in line. In fact I think one guy in a suit was a little freaked out about this because he started stomping his foot on the pavement (grumpy). About 20 seconds later two toasted bread ends came sailing out of the roach coach. Apparently she was just waiting for her daily lunch!!! Typically I didn’t have the camera along, it’s too bulky for my purse, but I managed a few somewhat blurry shots with my camera phone of a beaver messily eating toast! What else can I say? It totally made my day!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gentlemen Start Your Engines!

Guess how I spent my weekend? Yep you guessed it (actually probably not) at the Dover International Speedway, cheering on Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson!! It was a total blast. Talk about the power of sound…. amazing it vibrated the entire stadium which was huge. It was fun on so many levels, just getting away from the house, getting to hang out with some new friends, Pat and Roxanne (I managed to avoid singing the song to her though), finally getting to see some serious race cars, and doing a lot of fun people watching. We had awesome seats right near the start/finish line and pit boxes.

Of course, Yours Truly, had to throw a bit fat monkey wrench into the plans by leaving the memory card for the digital camera in the friggin car at the park-and-ride!!! (What degree am I getting?) So no pictures cause I suck! Dan keeps teasing me that I’m not going to tell anyone where I was over the weekend, but honestly I’m ready to go again. BIG FUN! I might just end up a Nascar fan yet.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Hairy Ordeal

Ok, time to admit it. I got a perm. Ok, I said it, I feel much better now. Imagine I have been so traumatized by this simple decision for weeks before and a few days after…. As I was growing up I always had the straightest hair, pin straight, and flat. So Mom gave me a series of not so good home perms, trying to give my hair some body. No perm really ever made me happy all I wanted was naturally curly hair.

So year later, after having uber-short hair for years I decided to grow it out. Mostly for Dan – short hair is so easy to deal with. Anyhow it grew back in half curly - half straight. OK, now what? No matter what I did it didn’t look good. After about a year of prodding I let my hairdresser talk me into getting the top permed to “match.”

The first few days it was out of control, and I was scared. I didn’t tell anyone I knew, if fact I saw Kier in town right after it was finished. But I was too chicken to yell out and get his attention. Now a week later it’s mellowed a bit and is starting to look nice. I even updated my picture online. We’ll just have to see from here. If it sucks – I’m shaving it off!!