Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cheeky Little Bugger...

I always start my morning out with my cup of coffee at my desk clicking away on the computer. Mouse of course joins me, finding whatever space she can in the middle of my desk directly in front of the window. But now we have a new morning friend. It’s this totally cheeky blue jay, who I like to call Stan. Stan has visited the last few days and has taken to tormenting Mouse. He sits on the branch of the pine tree just a few feet from the window and caws at her. If she doesn’t react enough he flies straight at the window (straight at her head) and then veers off at the last second. He keeps this up for over a half a hour each morning. Its great fun for him (and me) but I think she’s pissed.

As for Simba well all you can say about his highness is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled…. I haven’t had the heart to discourage him from invading the guest bedroom yet, hence the absolute carpet of cat hair on the bedspread, Ugh. Glad I have a new washing machine…

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

'nuff said

Part of the reason I wanted to do this blog was to have a chance to record the humorous and weird that I manage to observe. For instance I just went outside to get my CD case from the car and noticed that it is 90 degrees in the shade!! So much for the weatherman. Well my neighbor was yelling at a kid, aged maybe 7 or 8, who was sitting in a dark blue sedan, with the windows up!!
Get out of that car!!” She yelled. The little boy gets out & is covering his face at this point. She follows with
“You play outside or come in the house, but don’t sit it that car, ok?” She is a bit calmer now.
“Why?” the little one asks.
“Because your ass will die!”
Ghetto logic?

Went to a great BBQ at Rich & Laci’s house for Memorial Day, got to hang out with some new friends. Not a big volleyball fan myself, but it was pretty amusing to watch the game between bubble blowing and one-on-one baseball with Kendra. Discovered that the dog, Orco, likes to eat watermelon. He even daintily nibbles it off the rind with his front teeth, I’ll post the picture later. Who would have thought it? I’m sure he would have preferred my burger.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Slab 'O Beef

So yesterday, after watching Dan work at it for about two hours, I actually chipped in a started helping clean up the yard. We are still fighting off the evil purple weed that Don’s wife infested the yard with many years ago. After realizing that about half of the rose bushes were in fact dead, and we couldn’t find a rake anywhere, it was off to Home Depot. We came home two rakes richer plus a bunch of really pretty marigolds. Kenneth came by and lent a hand for a while – but it was dinner that was really the highlight. Now I’ve never been to Fuddruckers before so this was an all new experience. I just got a classic combo, but Dan and Ken, well they had half the cow, each…. I’ve never seen a 1 lb. hamburger before (not counting the bun, toppings & fries), let alone contemplating eating one. But they rose to the challenge well & managed to polish them off pretty well. Although I think Kenneth was struggling a bit, seeing as how he had already eaten dinner!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Sticky Situation....

Things are a bit slow around here. Maybe we can just break it up with a quick trip to Walmart. I need to go but I just can’t face it. As if any trip to the superstore wasn’t trying enough, all the choices, the crazy people, now if you are living in the Midwest you also have to “watch your back,” why you might ask? Well, perhaps it’s better put as watch where you sit or you might fall victim to the serial toilet seat super-gluer and find yourself banging on a wall trying to get help. There but for the grace of god go I…. oh boy am I going to examine every seat in the public restrooms I go to from now on. Can you imagine (you’d probably rather not!)? I was dutifully working out on the elliptical trainer at the gym when I heard this little gem & I had to take care not to fall off I was laughing so hard. I just had to share.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

This is it....

Thank God for weekends, I can do nothing and as opposed to the weekday, not feel too overly guilty about it. Spent a few hours messing around with the computer as usual, itunes, my space and any other silliness, now my very own blog….

At least the highlight of the day was sushi, mmmm sushi.

So, most of you already know that Dan and I are engaged. Well it seems the eternal engagement may actually come to an end in the foreseeable future! We have settled on a date, 16 June 2007. So were putting it off at least another year, but we’re getting there. Seems there are some of you who I haven’t seen in so long, you’ve never even seen the ring. So here it is.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Learning this whole blog thing...

Well, seeing as how I love to procrastinate on the computer and everyone is always mad at me that I don’t stay in touch, perhaps I should give this bogging thing a go….
So here it is, I’m gonna give it a shot, but I’m not really going to tell anyone yet, until I see if I can actually keep it up.
Kudos to my old friend Mary for the idea (even if she doesn’t know it).

So what’s been going on with me for the last month?

Well I enjoyed a conference in scenic Puerto Rico. Scenic and WARM!!!! It was awesome if not hugely expensive 8 F**** bucks for a beer you’ve got to be kidding me. But at least when the conference to too much to bear (or you couldn’t feel your feet anymore from the out of control air conditioning. Why do they do that?) you could walk out the door and sit on the beach. Now that’s my idea of paradise (just make sure the pina coladas cost less).

Dan graduated from NE Tech, Whoo Hoo!!!! Who’s the man! He even got to wear the hat! We had a great party, barbeque and beers. Got to hang out with family and friends. Pretty cool even if we didn’t have enough chairs….. oops.

Dan & I took Kenneth to get his latest tattoo, while waiting I got inspired (to do more then just e-mail his mom a picture of him getting it done). Thought I would get it somewhere not so painful, but of course Dan thought that was wussing out. Suns look better on the ankle bone. He of course is right, so I took the challenge... Holy crap that hurt, getting better now, at least my ankle isn’t puffed up to twice the size anymore.

Spent the last two weeks frantically preparing to teach a course on human forensic osteology. Despite the workload it was awesome to teach. I got to teach people how to identify sex, age, ancestry of skeletons and look at trauma. It was a blast, especially the last laboratory, we got to look at the gruesome stuff – so I got the usual “oh, gross!” but really it was fascinated revulsion. For once it was really nice to actually teach something that holds people’s attention (instead of hearing the usual snores….).